It happens, you've sent in a bunch of tasks then you decide that one of the tasks that is down in your queue is a higher priority than some of the others. 

You have 2 options to get us working on this task sooner.

Option 1: If it's urgent and you're at your Active Task Limit already, then it's a good idea to Purchase a Priority Pass to Upgrade the task to Priority and have it forced to be an Active Task and skip the Queuing process completely. 

Here's our KB article on When To Use A Priority Pass, and also the article on How To Purchase a Priority Pass

Option 2: Drag & Drop the task from the Queue manager in your Web Portal login to make it the next active task.

Step 1. Log in to your Web Portal

Step 2. Click on the Queued Task tab

Step 3. Find the task you want worked on as a priority

Step 4. Click on the task and hold the mouse button down on the Re-Order icon while dragging the task up to the very top of the queue

Step 5. Let go of the mouse button and the task will show that it is now the Active Next.

Step 6. Once you mark one of the currently Active Tasks as complete, the next queued task will become active.