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How To Prevent Tasks Created By Email From Being Classified Incorrectly

Have you ever sent a task that's meant for the Graphic Design Team only to find it was assigned to the Web Development Team?

If so here's some information on why this happened and what you can do to prevent it.

Why Did My Task Get Classified Incorrectly?

In early 2018 we invested in our first Artificial Intelligence technology, we call him Alvin.

Alvin's first job was to be trained in being able to read tasks received via emails and determine which team the task should be assigned to. 

Prior to Alvin we manually had someone read every email, pass it to the correct team, and determine if it needed queuing before replying to let you know what had happened... this dramatically slowed down our task dispatch process which ultimately slowed down our ability to action your tasks by having too many human touch points and became uneconomical to scale with more people as our client numbers and their usage grew.

Alvin has been trained by reading past tasks received via email and gets retrained on a regular basis to ensure he's up to date with changing language. Alvin is smart but he's not and likely never will be 100% accurate.

Thats why our Human Reviewers if they notice a task has been assigned to the wrong team will pass it over to the correct team for you.

What Can I Do To Reduce Chances Of a Wrong Classification?

In the early days when Automation Agency only accepted tasks via Email, many of our clients would start their subject lines with the task type eg. "WEB TASK - Build New Landing Page" or "DESIGN TASK - Update PDF Lead Magnet" or "AUTOMATION TASK - Troubleshoot Email Sequence"

This means Alvin has learned to understand that this means there's a high likelihood you want to assign the task to this team.

So a quick and simple hack when requesting new tasks via email is to add the task type in the subject line as either "WEB TASK" or at least "WEB - "

Email vs Portal Which Is Better?

While we continue to invest in improving our Task Requesting process from our Online Portal to free up more and more of your time, we know the value of being able to shoot off a quick task via email.

If it's a simple task request and you are on the run (aka on your phone), use email.

If it's a more complex task or you aren't sure how to explain it, we recommend jumping into the portal and leveraging our Popular Task Wizards.

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